How to Draw A Cute Clownfish in Photoshop

Few days back, while i was surfing over net for some inspiration I came across to a post related to Underwater Wallpapers. From there i got my inspiration for this tutorial, in which we are going to learn how to illustrate a cute clownfish(I call him NEMO – all you must be knowing him) in photoshop. So lets start with this interesting tutorial… on HOW TO CREATE A CLOWNFISH IN PHOTOSHOP!

Lets start with opening a new File in photoshop of 1024px x 768px dimension by clicking on File menu > New or pressing CTRL + N on your keyboard.



Now take “#296bf7” as your foreground color and “#07179e” as your background color. Select Gradient tool (G) and fill linear gradient of blue color from light to dark for water as shown below :

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 2


Now add a new layer, and select Pen tool (P) to make the basic shape of fish. Then after creating the basic shape of fish, fill it with color of your choice, here i have used bright orange color ie “#fca811”. So till now we have completed with creating the basic shape of our fish.

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 3


Add a new layer, and again lets start with Pen tool (P) to make the white strips of our fish. Draw a white portion and fill it with white color as shown in image below:


After making the shape of strip, repeat the above process to make other white stripes on the fish and get the results shown in image below:

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 5

Now again add a new layer to make the fins of the fish. Again we will use same tool i.e. Pen tool to make the fins by the same process as we have done the strips. you can see it below:


Add a new layer on top of all layers and take soft round soft brush of 65px diameter with 35% opacity. Use black color make shadow and white color to make highlights as required (use opacity and flow of brush accordingly as required,if you want dark shadow use higher opacity and flow).

You dont need to be particular about shadows and Highlights. Just paint some areas as required. Now as you finish with shadows and highlights, change the layer mode to “OVERLAY”.

Now right click on this layer and from menu click on “Create Clipping Mask” option. By Creating clipping mask, we have limited the shadow and highlights layer to the shape of the fish.


Make new layer for the boundary of fish. Select Brush tool with black color; brush diameter 6px; opacity and flow of 60%. Now move to Pen tool (P) again and make the path as shown below. Now right click on Path and from menu, select “Stroke path”. In stroke path, from drop down menu, select brush and press Ok. Now delete the path that you have created from the Paths Panel.
Repeat this process to create boundaries in different parts of the fish.

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 8

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 8

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 8


Now Create new layer for eye. Using circle marquee tool make a small circle for eye. Fill it with black color. And then make a very small white dot on eye so that it appears more lively by using a very small soft white brush as shown below. Click to view full image.

Create a Cute Clownfish in Photoshop – STEP 9

So That’s all, you have finished this tutorial with something like as shown above. Go ahead and do some experiments with this and surely you guys come up with something very interesting and cool results !!

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